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Evolutionary Ecology Group

Department of Zoology


Our group studies the causes and consequences of animal movement. We quantify the cost and benefits of individual strategies, use population genetics to reconstruct movement through time, and explore the spatial ecology of species interactions.

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In the news

Walk on the wild side

24 February 2015

Andrea's paper estimating the number of visits to protected areas around the world is covered by the Washington Post, the BBC, CNN and many others.

It's lonely at the top

2 December 2014

Watch a video explaning our latest paper on how personality affects leaderthsip in sticklebacks. Also, the BBC covers another of our papers showing that bolder stickleback make faster decisions.

Oldest European genome illuminates diverse ancestry

6 November 2014

The complete genome from a European who lived 36k years ago reveals a connected metapopulation that survived the Ice Age, and the paper in Science is covered by National Geographic, Science News, the BBC, the Independent,and many others.

Fish choose the best collaborator

8 September 2014

Our latest paper in Current Biology paper showing that fish are as good as chimpanzees at choosing the best partner for a task is covered by National Geographic, the Washington Post, die Zeit and many others.

The origin of early Amerindians

12 February 2014

We contributed to a Nature paper describing the genome of one of the first Amerindians is covered by the BBC, National Geographic and many others.

Aquatic adaptations in whales

24 January 2014

The whale genome makes the cover of Nature Genetics.

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Information for prospective PhD students and Postdocs.

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Latest papers

Carneiro, APB, Manica, A, Trivelpiece, WZ, Phillips, RA. Flexibility in foraging strategies of Brown Skuas in response to local and seasonal dietary constraints - Springer. Journal of Ornithology. [PDF]

Balmford, A, Green, JMH, Anderson, M, Beresford, J, Huang, C, Naidoo, R, Walpole, M, Manica, A. 2015. Walk on the Wild Side: Estimating the Global Magnitude of Visits to Protected Areas. PLoS Biol 13: e1002074. [PDF]

Alanis-Lobato, G, Cannistraci, CV, Eriksson, A, Manica, A, Ravasi, T. 2015. Highlighting nonlinear patterns in population genetics datasets. Sci. Rep. 5. [PDF]

Fayle, TM, Eggleton, P, Manica, A, Yusah, KM, Foster, WA. 2015. Experimentally testing and assessing the predictive power of species assembly rules for tropical canopy ants. Ecol Lett: n/a–n/a. [PDF]

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